Member Guide

Your Profile

The profile page displays your profile to other members of the site. Profiles are not visible to guests of the website, you have to be logged in to view them. Below the cover photo you’ll see a cog. When clicked, you see a few options, below you’ll find an explanation of said options.

  • Edit Profile
  • My account
  • Logout
  • Cancel
Edit Profile

When you press the Edit Profile, all the fields on your profile will become editable.
Press the change your cover photo to change to current cover photo or to remove it.
By pressing the camera on your profile picture, you get the same options to change the profile picture or to remove it. The rest of the fields also become editable. You can change them at will, only 3 of them are required which are: Nickname, Country and Language Spoken.

My Account

The My Account option brings you to your account page, the first option (of 4 options) is Account, here you can change your email. After chancing it, you’ll have to fill in your current password to save it. The section option is Change Password. This one is pretty self-explanatory, you can change your current password here. The third option is the privacy settings. Here you will be able to change various settings of your profile to your privacy liking. This tab also gives the option to download your data and to delete your personal data. The last option is Delete Account. This will give you the option to delete your entire account from the server. You’ll have to fill in your current password and press submit. Subsequently, your account will be deleted. If you want to be a member again after that, you’ll have to register a new account.

Logout / Cancel

The options Logout and Cancel are self-explanatory.